weed-themed costume

The Ultimate Weed-Themed Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner. Have you picked out your costume yet? Skip the witches and ghosts and go with something you genuinely love—weed. We’re not suggesting you glue your stash to your body. That would be a waste of perfectly fine buds. What we are suggesting is a weed-themed costume. So whether you’re staying in for a horror movie marathon or heading out for a graveyard adventure, consider some stoner-approved apparel for the occasion.

Halloweed Inspired Costumes for Every Stoner

Snag a costume from this list, or use these ideas to inspire your own creations. Then, pack a bowl of your favorite RNBW strains and put on some Halloween tunes to get into the full spirit. 

weed-themed costume superhero

Stoner SuperHero

Throw on a cape and mask covered in pot leaves, and you’re good to go. Stand in a Superman pose at every chance you get. When people ask what your superpowers are, reply, “Getting you stoned, of course,” and then pull a joint out of your costume and spark it up!

weed-themed costume chef

Cannabis Chef

A chef’s hat and apron are a must for this weed-themed costume. To be the real life of the party, consider baking some THC cookies or brownies to share with your friends. Take it up a notch with a pot leaf cookie cutter to add a special touch. Carry them around on a serving platter with a sign saying, “who wants to get baked!” 

weed-themed costume girl scout

Ganja Girl Scout

A nod to the delicious cookies strain, a ganja girl scout is ideal as a DIY weed-themed costume. Add flair and badges for stoner skills like rolling joints, taking the biggest bong rip, or learning how to trim buds.

weed-themed costume blunt

Joints and Blunts 

There are plenty of ways to dress like a flaming doobie or a fat blunt. You can find many options for pre-made costumes online, but if you’re hellbent on making your costume, roll a joint of High Note and get out your craft supplies.

weed-themed costume pot leaf

Pot Head / Pot Leaf

A pot leaf is the simplest way to let your love of weed shine, but a pothead is a bit more subtle. This is an excellent option if you want to go for weed-themed costume ideas but maybe not so bold. Find a hat that looks like a pot you’d use for any old flowers or indoor house plants. Simple. There is a pot on your head. You are a pothead. 

weed-themed costume bag of weed

Bag of Weed

Although this sounds easy enough, dressing up like a bag of weed is actually pretty funny. You’ll want to make your entire body look like a plastic bag, and fill it with planter moss or another non-weed material. Unless you want to go all out and put a massive amount of cannabis in your costume. In this case, we suggest Mic Drop

weed-themed costume fairy

Ganja Fairy

This weed-themed costume will be everyone’s favorite. Add fairy wings to a sparkly green dress or another kind of green weed-themed outfit. Make a magic wand to bless your friends and hand out tiny nugs to your favorite people. You will undoubtedly need to stock up on RNBW before this one. We suggest Dreamstate for this dreamy attire. Dream a little dream of weed!

weed-themed costume the dude

The Dude

Is there a more iconic stoner than The Dude from the cult classic film, The Big Lebowski? Plus, this is the most comfortable costume you’ll ever wear. It is literally pajamas and a bathrobe. And you get to drink White Russians all night, or a non-alcoholic version if that’s your thing. Pack those robe pockets full of joints, so you are never caught without one. 

Best Stoner Costumes for Couples

Double up with your bestie or your beloved, and dress up in these perfectly paired pot-themed costumes. 

Cheech + Chong

Okay, maybe it’s not the most original duo out there, but it’s certainly the most iconic. No one does weed better than Cheech and Chong, period. Grab a bag of RNBW’s Road Trip and get plenty lit to step into character. 

Bluntman + Chronic

You might recognize Bluntman and Chronic as the functional superheroes in the Jay and Silent Bob movies. But, of course, Bluntman and Chronic are played by Jay and Bob. These superheroes are serious about two things: smoking weed and slapstick humor.

420 Doctor + Nurse

Lab coats, nurses’ hats, and a stethoscope. That’s a solid start! Bring along a notepad and write your friend’s prescriptions for weed! First, the nurse gives a simple exam. Then, if the patient’s eyes aren’t red enough, the good doctor will whip up a script for a little herbal remedy. 

Don’t Forget Your RNBW

Whatever you’re doing this Halloween, don’t forget to stock up on weed! Halloween is one of the most fabulous holidays for getting lit and letting loose. We hope you find the perfect weed-themed costume for you. While you’re getting ready, smoke on some Fruity Berries or Boozy Brunch to get the party started. Happy Halloweed, stoners!