Top Strains of Summer

Top Strains of Summer

Is it just us, or does cannabis simply become more enjoyable in the summer? Perhaps it’s the longer, warmer days or the extra time spent doing things you love outdoors. Somehow, it just feels better getting high under the peak of summer sunshine. Whatever your reason for reaching for some herb, we’ve got 9 summertime strains you’ve absolutely got to try.

Check out our list for a full breakdown of strain profiles, flavor, effects, and what activities pair best with each.

Dreamstate Strain

A classic indica, Dreamstate soothes your psyche with sweet, pungent clouds. Notes of spice and citrus waft from this sticky strain with a hint of pine on the exhale. Effects include a delightful lightness with a strong body high. This is the perfect strain for an evening watching outdoor movies, floating on a tube through a mellow river, or simply relaxing by a warm fire as the sun dips below the horizon. Soon, you’ll be soaring through the clouds of your consciousness in a happy Dreamstate. 

Classification: Indica

THC: 36.24%

Effects:  Mellow, relaxed, lightness of being

Tastes Like: Spicy, citrusy, piney

Fruity Berries Strain

A sativa-leaning hybrid, sweet and sour Fruity Berries has zingy notes of ripe cherries underpinned with nutty earthiness. The luscious, flavorful smoke will brighten your mood and put some pep in your step! Pack yourself a bowl of Fruity Berries for a sunshiny day. Roll up a few joints and head out on a daytime hike, or try something even more adventurous, like ziplining.

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 27.20%

Effects: Blissful, happy, energizing

Tastes Like: Sweet, fruity, earthy

Boozy Brunch Strain

This indica-leaning hybrid is perfect for getting a little wild on the weekend. Boozy Brunch perks you up with a minty aroma, and pops you in the kisser with notes of graham crackers and pine wafting through the sweet smoke as its relaxing effects take hold. Melt your weekday cares away with Boozy Brunch. Smoke a bowl before brunch with your friends and then head out for a little shopping or stroll through your favorite park. 

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 34.02%

Effects: Relaxing, invigorating

Tastes Like: Minty, sweet, piney

Easter Bunny Strain

Okay, okay, Easter is over, but we can’t leave this potent indica off of our list. A timeless classic, Easter Bunny is a delicious indica-dominant strain that tastes like vanilla cake frosted with a dash of freshly cracked pepper. The effects are stimulating at first, but soon you’ll slip into a happy and relaxed bliss that feels like you’re surrounded by a pile of soft baby bunnies. Set up your hammock and enjoy the sunset solo as you slip into a deep slumber with Easter Bunny. 

Classification: Indica

THC: 27.96%

Effects: Tingly, happy, relaxed

Tastes Like: Vanilla, earthy, peppery

Night Owl Strain

With it’s musky, gassy flavor you might have guessed that Night Owl is the herb you need to stay up until sunrise. When you need something that offering a tingly buzz coupled with nothing but good vibes, this is the strain for you. Keep a few pre-rolls of Night Owl on deck for your next night out dancing and you’ll be blissfully boogying until dawn. 

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 25.13%

Effects: Tingly, happy, relaxed

Tastes Like: Fruity, earthy, gassy

Party Crasher Strain

Party Crasher is big on flavor, with even bolder effects. Social anxiety be gone once Party Crasher enters the chat. This spicy hybrid will elevate your mood while offering a boost of confidence to help you navigate any situation. We recommend a bowl of this strain before entering any kind of house party or social gathering where you need a little energetic euphoria to ease your mind and help you get the vibe right. Set the mood with a Party Crasher inspired Spotify playlist and soon the whole party will be on your wavelength.

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 25.19%

Effects: Confident, energetic, euphoric

Tastes Like: Spicy, minty

Crispy Apples Strain

Crispy Apples is just as refreshing as it sounds. The tartness of this full-bodied hybrid is the zesty motivation you need as you head out for a summer adventure. Let fun be the focus of your day when paired with Crispy Apples. We suggest puffing a bowl of this strain before your next big hike or kayaking trip. Pack a pre-roll for a safety meeting midway through your day. 

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 25.01%

Effects: Energizing, upflifting

Tastes Like: Sweet, sour, floral

Peach Cobbler Strain

If you’re into dessert, you’ll be into Peach Cobbler. This sweet and strong hybrid is sure to get you perfectly baked. It smells like a ripe stone fruit, and tastes like its been sprinkled with brown sugar. Yum. Peach Cobbler is the hybrid that folds you into pure bliss. Pair with a pool day sunning your buns, or take this one to the beach and just listen to the waves crash at the shore.

Classification: Hybrid

THC: 24.19%

Effects: Pure happiness

Tastes Like: Savory, sweet, fruity

London Zoo Strain

London Zoo will have your tastebuds wondering what hit them. This sativa has a mouthful of minty, earthy flavor topped off with pepper, pine, and a pinch of diesel. Warning: Do not attempt to smoke London Zoo unless you plan to have a snack pack full of animal crackers on hand. This strain is well known for turning on the munchies! For this reason, we suggest bringing London Zoo to your next barbeque so you can plenty to nosh on once it kicks in. 

Classification: Sativa

THC: 32.5%

Effects: Euphoric, munchies

Tastes Like: Minty, earthy, peppery, piney, nutty