movies while high

Best Movies to Watch While High

Much like lighting up before a live concert, cannabis has a way of elevating the experience of watching movies. Everything is high definition amplified, with vivid colors that almost jump out of the screen. The sound is nearly oceanic. It fills your whole body as the score takes you on an epic storytelling adventure. 

Getting high and watching movies is like being a part of the experience. It’s a deeper immersion into the feelings and emotions that the actors portray. There are literally so many options that you simply cannot fail to choose something excellent. No matter your mood, some films will make you laugh, cry, contemplate, and fall in love. All of which are made that much better with some high-quality herb. So, grab the popcorn and pick a flick from our list of the best movies to watch while high.

Best Movies to Pair With Weed

There are plenty of stoner classics like Half Baked, Pineapple Express, and anything by Cheech & Chong, but we wanted to highlight something less obtuse. Something that elevates your senses for total cinematic immersion made all the better by a fine cannabis pairing. So, here’s our list, complete with the perfect strain to indulge in for each film.

best movies to watch while high

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski never fails to impress. Follow along as Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski gets mistaken for a millionaire by the same name, sending him into a whirlwind adventure. There’s kidnapping, bowling, Steve Buscemi, and an oriental rug. Put on your best bathrobe and settle in for this epic film by the Coen brothers. 

Genre: Dark comedy crime

Strain Pairing: Boozy Brunch – A relaxing yet invigorating hybrid with a sweet and minty flavor. Is that a hint of graham cracker and pine? Sure is. Consider adding a White Russian to the mix in honor of The Dude for the perfect crossfade.

best movies to watch while high


Dune is truly a cinematic masterpiece. The first of this two-part remake of the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert makes Star Wars look like child’s play. The film is set millennia into the future with challenges to the human race that are almost inconceivable to us now. Dune takes you on a journey into otherworldly places with visual and auditory delights at every turn.

Genre: Science fiction

Strain Pairing: Dreamstate – A mood-mellowing indica that will lull you into a state of deep relaxation. Tuck yourself into the fantasy world of Dune with this spicy, citrusy, piney smoke.

best movies to watch while high

Kill Bill: Volumes I & II

We couldn’t possibly separate these two films, or the story would be incomplete. Directed by the cult classic director Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Brilliant colors, exaggerated gore, and a plot that has you cheering on the heroine with every slash of her Hattori Hanzo sword. 

Genre: Action-adventure

Strain Pairing: Crispy Apples – A tart, fruity hybrid to energize and uplift you for this action-packed film where samurai meets western, color and black and white interchange, and blood spatter becomes an artistic medium.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

There’s something about watching people get incredibly high that somehow makes you feel even higher. Or, it’s just that the epic tale of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas captures Hunter S. Thompson so well you can’t help but feel like you’re along for the ride. This film pays incredible homage to the book, and Johnny Depp knocks it out of the park as the famed gonzo journalist. 

Genre: Dark comedy adventure

Strain Pairing: Night Owl – A tingly, happy hybrid that will keep you buzzed up for all of the antics on screen. It’s fruity, earthy, gassy, and will get you in the mood for this hilarious cult classic.

Our Planet

Anything with David Attenborough is a win with weed. Our Planet is a nature documentary series featuring incredible and intimate footage of our world. Each part of the mini-series focuses on a different ecosystem and its flora and fauna inhabitants. Explore Jungles, Grasslands, Coastal Seas, Frozen Worlds, and more, and surrender to the beauty and magic of planet Earth.

Genre: Nature documentaries

Strain Pairing: London Zoo – A sativa that tastes minty, earthy, and peppery simultaneously. London Zoo is the perfect way to let your inner animal out as you watch a pod of orcas tear apart a sea lion family. 

The NeverEnding Story

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen this 1984 fantasy, or perhaps this is your first time. Either way, prepare to be enchanted, engaged, and completely immersed in the story of a young boy who enters a magical world through a book called The NeverEnding Story. There’s action, adventure, and a fantastical luckdragon named Falkor.

Genre: Fantasy

Strain Pairing: Easter Bunny – A heady indica with a frosted cake flavor is the perfect pairing for The NeverEnding Story. These two childhood classics are the ideal way to wind down before bedtime.

Wet Hot American Summer

Set on the last day of summer camp in 1981, Wet Hot American Summer chronicles the lives of teenage camp counselors as they rally to meet their end-of-summer goals. Who hooked up in the woodshed? What will happen at the talent show? Is Paul Rudd’s character the worst lifeguard of all time? Starring comedy legends like Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, and Michael Ian Black – Wet Hot American Summer entertains through and through.

Genre: Comedy

Strain Pairing: Party Crasher – A hybrid with a spicy, minty flavor and an energetic, euphoric high. This confidence-boosting strain will get you into giggle fits watching Christopher Meloni’s character as the camp cook.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is about a breathtaking robot named Ava and a tech-giant who won a competition to study the effectiveness of her intelligence. However, the level of sophistication of Ava’s artificial intelligence is possibly enough to have the man questioning whether her emotional intelligence is innocent or something more deviant. 

Genre: Science fiction

Strain Pairing: Peach Cobbler – A well-balanced hybrid just might help you make sense of the complexities of this film. It’s savory, sweet, and fruity and will get you into just the right mind space to start questioning the future of artificial intelligence. 

The Life Aquatic

Really, anything by Wes Anderson is going to enchant and delight you. His style of filmmaking is visually distinct and paired with absolutely epic soundtracks. The Life Aquatic tells the tale of Steve Zissou (Bill Murray), an oceanographer who is on a quest for revenge against a jaguar shark that ate his partner Esteban. Need we say more?

Genre: Comedy-drama

Strain Pairing: Fruity Berries – A sativa-leaning hybrid that tastes like ripe cherries with a touch of nuttiness. This light, flavorful strain will make you feel blissed out during an oceanic search for vengeance. Fun fact: Bill Murray is a huge fan of cannabis!

There’s No Wrong Way to RNBW

Whichever movie piques your interest, we hope you’ll pack a bowl, roll a joint, or enjoy some RNBW however you please. Allow the cannabis to soften your mood, mellow your mind, and relax your body for an elevated cinematic experience. Shop all of our strains online, or find a retailer near you before your next movie night.