best horror movies to watch while high on halloween

Best Horror Movies to Watch While High on Halloween

It’s scream queen season, friends, and we’re here to light up your Halloween with the ultimate list of best horror movies to watch while high. Get ready for a night filled with high-times and shrill shrieks. Of course, we’ve got the perfect pairing of RNBW strains for each horror flick so you can get perfectly lit before the movies. Don’t forget to stock up on our tasty treats and grab some snacks to appease those munchies mid-movie. See our top recommendations below!

Top Picks for Horror Flicks

No matter your favorite horror genre, we’ve got something for everyone. From film to series, horror comedy to total terror…buckle up and pick your flicks! 

tales from the crypt best horror movies to watch while high on halloween

Tales From the Crypt

Take a trip back in time and indulge in seven seasons of Tales From the Crypt. Aired initially beginning in 1989, this anthology series contains all kinds of campfire ghost stories, sci-fi nightmares, and gallows humor. Some episodes are nightmarishly memorable, while others are less than the intended genre. However, Tales From the Crypt is an ideal horror series to watch while high if you enjoy your frights with a bit of humor mixed in. 

Genre: Horror

Where to stream: Prime Video

RNBW strain pairing: Boozy Brunch is just the indica-dominant hybrid you need to kick off your horror movie marathon. 

vhs94 best horror movies to watch while high on halloween


V/H/S/94 is part of a horror anthology series. This fourth installment features “found footage” with segments from other films in the series, including Seance and May the Devil Take You Too. After discovering a mysterious VHS tape with ties to a dark cult, garish gore ensues. A SWAT team raids the remote warehouse where the tapes were recorded, and the pursuit becomes a quest to explain the demented conspiracy theory inside the tapes.  

Genre: Horror

Where to stream: Shudder, Plex, Hulu, Prime Video

RNBW strain pairing: High Note is a good way to describe the pitch you’ll hit when shrieking at the horror of this film. 

the witch best horror movies to watch while high on halloween

The Witch

This nerve-nibbling horror is set in 1630 New England, focusing on a family in complete despair after their youngest child goes missing. The eldest daughter gets the blame, and a spiraling case of paranoia grips the family – and the community – as witchcraft is suspected. The Witch takes a look at the origins of America, and whether or not the supernatural exists. Not exactly an edge-of-the-seat gripping tale, but one that penetrates deep into the creepiest thoughts and ideas that exist when we beg the question: is the devil real?

Genre: Horror, mystery, thriller, history drama

Where to stream: Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu

RNBW strain pairing: Mic Drop is an excellent description for the ending of this slow-burn horror flick. 

freddy vs jason best horror movies to watch while high on halloween

Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees face off in this horror icon mashup. At first, Freddy seeks out Jason to help him torment and torture new victims in their dreams since Freddy has slowly become not-so-scary anymore. Yet, Jason isn’t entirely able to be only a sidekick, and he begins slashing and chopping the victims before Freddy has a chance. None too pleased with this imposition, Freddy decides to turn against his new “friend.” A classic film with favorite characters, but made better by the hilarious stoner scene. A perfect choice of horror movies to watch while high. 

Genre: Horror

Where to stream: HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV

RNBW strain pairing: Road Trip is the perfect match for taking a trip back in time to hang with your favorite serial killing buds Freddy and Jason.

trick r treat best horror movies to watch while high on halloween

Trick ‘r Treat

Four Halloween horror stories weave together to thrill and frighten in Trick ‘r Treat. The film explores Halloween traditions and the consequences of actions like putting out the pumpkin flame before midnight. It’s filmed anthology style, and is cleverly constructed to honor well-known Halloween tales, but with the added gore and suspense horror fans crave. An excellent horror movie while high, especially on All Hallow’s Eve. 

Genre: Horror, mystery, thriller

Where to stream: Apple iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play

RNBW strain pairing: Fruity Berries , our sativa leaning hybrid is the ideal treat to match with these scream-worthy tricks.

malignant best horror movies to watch while high on halloween


Malignant is best described as violent, horrific, and deranged. It is full of gore, blood, and psychotic horror in all the best ways. True horror fans only because Malignant is completely bonkers and totally insane. The film centers around the female main character, who has repeated visions of violent murders. Soon she’ll discover that these are not visions and that the murders are real and somehow connected to the first eight years of her life. Except, she can’t remember those years at all. 

Genre: Horry, mystery, psychological thriller

Where to stream: HBO Max, Hulu 

RNBW strain pairing: Dream State is the strain you’ll need to fall asleep and forget about the psycho-thriller you just watched!

Movie Night Essentials

You’ve got your movies queued up and your favorite RNBW strains by your side. What else do you need for a horror movie marathon? Be sure to load up on movie night snacks like popcorn, Halloween candy, and chips and dip. Feeling creative? Make a pumpkin cheese ball by rolling six ounces of cream cheese with two cups of shredded cheddar cheese. Mix in three tablespoons of minced green onion, a half-cup salsa, and one teaspoon of cumin. 

Roll the mixture into a ball and place it in the fridge on a piece of waxed paper. Chill for two hours, then roll in two cups of crushed nacho cheese Doritos. Cut a stem from green bell pepper and place it on the top. Voila! Serve your pumpkin cheese ball with tortilla chips. 

Dress up in your favorite weed-themed Halloween costume, or get cozy in something warm and fuzzy before heading to the couch. Have plenty of beverages nearby, so you don’t have to go into the kitchen alone! Settle in for a spooky night, and don’t forget to lock the doors.